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UFO Sighting Filmed In Wiltshire, UK – 25th July 2011


On 25.07.2011 I was camping in Wiltshire UK, Tan Hill (294m above sea level). I like studying crop circle and observe a sky. That evening at around 9PM I saw bright light in the sky. Was too early for any stars to be visible, and this light was looking brighter than any planet. First I thought it was a airplane. I grabbed my camera and zoomed in to the object. Tho having small display on my Sony HDR-SR10E camcorder, and after I zoomed in, I have realised that this was a disk like shaped object, tilted at around 45º of its horizontal axes, with a soft “wobbly blinking” like light around. This object was solid and light was only as an extra aura like around. Gradually this object was traveling to the right and after few minutes it begun to fade out. When this light and an object has shrink, I still saw random blinking of its light, and it looked like as it was taking its last breath before has disappeared from my view. It wasn’t a first time when I film or photograph UFO’s, but this one was in the sky for the longest time I ever saw. I was exited and happy to be where I am, and my adrenaline scale has jumped to the top. At the time I did not suspected it was just a beginning of a light show I saw that evening. 5 minutes later, another light has appeared in sky. I zoomed in to the second object which was about 3 km left from the previous one. This light was pretty much at the same hight, but it was much brighter and chaotically blinking. At some point this light becomes so bright that I was unable to see any solid physical shape behind. Tho at some point it become less bright and disk like object was visible again and like the first one, was tilted at around 45º of its horizontal axes as well. English is not my first language and as I am writing I am loosing a grip on expressing my self well. Feeling kind of emotional and maybe will stop this letter for now. Tho I wouldn’t like to run away without finishing my story, so will try to make it shorter. Later on, these lights wore back in the sky in the same and / or different location, but all wore almost at the same hight. Some of them wore on for longer time and some just for a minute. On numerous occasion I saw more than one object / light at the time. There was like one main bright light and few smaller lights wore blinking and / or floating around. It was around midnight when all this light show has finished. I don’t know how to describe my feelings at the time, but sure it wasn’t ordinary. Those lights wore for so long in the sky so that I had a time to film them using regular, night vision and supper night vision camera options.

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