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UFO Sighting Filmed in Dust Cloud In Mesa, Arizona – July 6, 2011


There are UFO’s ahead of the haboob that hit Mesa Arizona, July 6, 2011. There is one at the beginning of the video at :03 at :26 you see the first of two UFO’s. The first one stays ahead of the cloud. Watch and see the next appear at :28. This UFO now moves up and out of the picture at :54. Mind you the other UFO remains stationary. Notice how just before the second orb leaves the camera view the shape of it changesfrom orb to disc. Three lights surround the disc and a ring that looks like the rings of Saturn. The FAA grounded all flights ahead of the storm. I can only assume the the local television helicopter that took this was going in for a landing. I did some research today and discovered that Mesa, Arizona is a hotbed for UFO activity, especially in the daytime.

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