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Area 51’s Alien Secret – Full Documentary


Area 51’s Secret – Full Documentary HD “Today we know that there are literally thousands, if not millions of other planets, many of which may be very similar to our own earth. So some of us, many of us believe that we’re going to find…evidence that there is life elsewhere in the universe.” Major Bolden also admitted that Area 51 existed but said the US government was not hiding alien life there. “There is an Area 51,” he said. “It’s not what many people think. I’ve been to a place called that but it’s a normal research and development place. I never saw any aliens or alien spacecraft or anything when I was there. “It think because of the secrecy of the aeronautics research that goes on there it’s ripe for people to talk about aliens being there.” The existence of Area 51, has been a badly kept secret for decades and it has fuelled the imaginations of conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters around the world

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