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UFO Sighting filmed in Dundalk, Maryland USA – 10th April 2013


UFO Sighting During Lightning Storm in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Filmers comments: Very beautiful, and positive frequency from it. Seemed as if they were having fun. The flight pattern was straight up to the sky, coming straight towards me at a alarming rate like nothing I’ve ever seen before, i thought it was a nuclear bomb! Then all of a sudden it reduces its speed and slightly turns like a motorcycle wood, then increases speed again and is headed to a whole other direction 90 degrees right of them. Then the spacecraft moved as if it wanted to be seen, was like a dish with top as usually interpreted. Blue lights circulating the dome and every turn a white light sparks, u can clearly see the shape of the objects because how clear it was! The blue was vibrant and different i liked it, I’m just a young man from baltimore i have a great video i promise on my life i will drop dead right now if I’m exaggerating anything, I am happy to experience something that the WHOLE WORLD is questionable about.

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