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UFO sighting over Summerland, B.C – 2005


This was my first filmed sighting. We were coming back out of the mountains from getting firewood one mid October night in 2005. As we drove down the mountain switchbacks we came to a spot where the powerlines went by leaving a large clearing it was then that we spotted the white lights coming up out of Summerland. By the time I got the camera rolling they had gained considerable altitude and were now directly above the town. You can see that the lights are independent of each other and the one to the left appears to be moving away from the right. They were moving slowly south and so after filming for about two mins I suggested we drive a couple minutes to the KVR track that would put us out along the lake with a clear view. By the time we arrived the lights were nowhere to be seen, but this was my first evidence of something unknown on film so I was still pretty happy even if they did take off suddenly. When I first played this tape for some members in my family my Grandmother made me play it over and over again for her. I knew then that if this tape had made such an impression on my Grandma then perhaps it was not as bad as I had thought. Anyways something to see and wonder about 🙂

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