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UFO Sighting Filmed In Mississauga – 2017


Mississauga UFO Sighting October 14, 2017. Recorded a bright stationary star shaped object which looked to be hovering above the Riverwood Park,Mississauga last night between 10 pm and 12.30 am. In the video it looks round but it was not. It was more like a star that had extremely bright lights. It was more like a train’s headlights. It wasn’t a helicopter because the light from this object illuminated everything below it initially and then above it as well. It was stationary for a few hours. It wasn’t stars or anything else because it was only at a height of a tall building and it didn’t move as the earth rotates. I checked the spot during the daytime but couldn’t find any street light or any other structure at that location in the sky even using google earth. I called a non-emergency number and reported this but they didn’t seem too interested in investigating it further.

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