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UFO sighting filmed in Los Angeles, California – June 17th 2017


I was on the phone with my buddy yesterday and saw something weird that caught my eye in the sky, so I got off the phone and starting filming. I ended up shooting the objects for 45 minutes and compressed the footage down to 20 minutes for YouTube. At one point there were several objects in the sky. At points in the clip I used “contrast and sharpen” which ended up showing even more objects. My initial thought was baloons, but as I continued to watch, it started to seem like something else – UFO’s. I still of course have no idea what these objects are, and when I say UFO, I mean it literally – unidentified flying objects – I’m not one of these people that is going to assume it’s aliens, I just cannot identify these objects so they are UFO’s to me. Check out the footage for yourself and let me know your thoughts. I’m curious to hear what people think. Also, If anyone is interested in the raw footage just DM me and I’ll send it your way. This was shot yesterday – June 17th, 2017. Oh and my apologies for the ridiculous narration in the background haha!

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