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UFO Sighting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 2013


I can’t explain what I saw last night. All I can do is tell the story. From my perspective this object I saw was very much unidentified. This was the very FIRST thing like this I had EVER seen. The sighting occurred at the corner of Pioneer Ave & W Liberty Ave in Dormont. I viewed the lights for a minute or so before I was able to dig out my camera from the back seat. This video was filmed through the open roof of our Jeep.

Here is the whole story, as reported to MUFON:
“We took our new Jeep Wrangler out tonight for a night time drive without the top, in hopes of viewing the meteor shower. So, I was already looking up to the sky in anticipation. We were sitting at the stop light at Pioneer Ave, waiting to turn left on W Liberty Ave, when I noticed a big orange flickering light rising above the treetops, it shot quickly to the left. The light reminded me of a floating lantern, but much bigger. My fiancee was driving & got a good look about the time I noticed the light shoot past 3 OTHER red/orange pulsating lights. I then noticed 3 of the objects come together to form an obtuse scalene triangle. Slowly the 4th light disappeared & the other red orange lights moved in to make a tighter triangle. It took more than a minute or so for the shape to form. It was at that time I spent approx 20-30 seconds searching the back seat for my camera. When I started recording we were still at the stop light & the mysterious lights remained relatively stationary for about 30 more seconds. As the light changed I kept shooting through the open roof of our Jeep. As we moved past the buildings & street lights, it stayed in focus, all the while pulsating red & orange. We drove down the street for another minute or two, filming the objects flicker in the sky, still in triangle formation. At about the same time, 2 lights disappeared, & left one red/orange light, which seemed to get brighter before I eventually lost sight of it. The entire sighting lasted less than 5 minutes but left us feeling certain we had seen something out of the ordinary. I have no clue of the origin of the lights or if they actually created a bigger object, but it most certainly did not look like anything I had ever seen before in the sky.”

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