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Two Glowing UFOs Filmed Near River Thames, England – Sept 17, 2010.


On Friday two amazing glowing craft were seen hovering over the River Thames in Southern England for nearly 10 minutes before they began to move off toward the Tilbury Terminal direction. The observer said that he could see the craft morphing into various shapes.

The two UFOs move around slowly yet a jet and a helicopter pass over them. The lower one (helicopter) slowed down and hovered near the objects for a while indicating that the aircraft had seen the UFOs and was curious about them, but the helicopter then continued on its way. The second UFO moved away from the first a bit and hovered again motionless.

At 2:53 into the video yet another aircraft comes toward the UFOs to investigate and seems to change its course slightly out of worry or curiosity. At this point one UFO begins to form a red and green light, one on each side of it. Its colors glow bright suddenly from white to red. Here the two UFOs begin to flash like airplanes as if to warn the oncoming air traffic nearby.

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