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New UFO Documentary 2017 – The UFO Crash That You Probably Never Heard About


Did this UFO crash get hidden from the public, with the government claiming they have no knowledge of it, it may very well have been suppressed. The place has become a hotspot when it comes to sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Many sightings, have been reported in the town of Boyle, the place of the incident now dubbed ‘Ireland’s Roswell’. Close by is an equally bizarre story, a farm where 500 cattle mutilations have occurred in just 20 years. Are these events linked ?

Two years after the crash, with stories persisting that surviving aliens had been whisked from the crash site, the Roscommon Herald reported “mysterious lights hovering” over the town under the headline “Flying Saucer In Boyle”. In 2000 there were further reports of “a very big craft with beams of light emanating from it” over Boyle.

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