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Daytime UFO sighting filmed in Australia – April 2015


I have had many UFO sightings with witnesses beside me but this is the first time I’ve been lucky enough to capture something on film. It was 25th April 2015 and a friend and I were lazing about the pool on a nice, fairly clear and sunny day. It was about 2:50 PM and we were watching birds flying about and landing in the field nearby when something caught my eye way off high in the sky. I said to my friend “check out those three birds way up there, what are they doing so high?” Wearing polarized sunglasses I could easily see the three objects up very high in the sky, whereas my friend without her sunglasses could only just see them, the glare from the sky made her eyes squint and water. I was watching to see if I could see flapping of bird wings. So three objects, up way high in the sky, flying in formation, which then split off from each other. I was able to keep my eyes on one of them as the other two drifted off elsewhere. My friend said that she first saw them as they started to split away from each other. So I’m in the middle of the pool watching this one UFO and providing commentary of my observations to my friend. I would guess the UFO must’ve travelled a few kilometers overhead and as I watched I could see it between two palm trees and it was just hovering. I said to my friend “check it out, it’s just hovering there”. My friend said to go grab my camera to which I replied “yeah right, by the time I get back it’ll be gone”, as I clambered out of the pool, dripping wet as I dashed inside to grab the handy cam. What you see in the video is the end result. By the end of filming and due to tree obstructions I could not see the UFO very clearly. It definitely was not a drone as there were three of them to begin with and they descended from a very great height. There were no visible human made markings or any discernable noise like that of conventional human aircraft.

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