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UFO sighting over South Durras, NSW, Australia – 30th June 2014


HD…a memorable morning…what was already a stunning scene became a masterpiece!!…I was busy photographing the sunrise and had just hit the shutter when I noticed this object behind me after waiting patiently for the the 30sec exposure and 30sec noise reduction I managed to get a good length of footage if I was quicker I could have got it pausing overhead and changing direction slightly..filmed at point danger south durras NSW australia 6.13am 30/6/2014 canon7d 18-200mm way to much ISO…object headed form s/sw to n/nw it was so bright,low(2-300m) and silent I wonder how many others saw it..the object headed straight up the coastline where fisherman,surfers and walkers would have been starting the day..I saw two others earlier in the morning my camera couldnt reach them in the dark.sorry no audio had it switched off..thanks for watching…ps that star/planet is super bright ATM half moon bright..

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