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3 Massive UFOs flying near the Moon, Oct 2014


10/09/14 – I was watching the bright moon last night, just after the clouds got away. I thought I saw a bright light near the moon. I told to myself that I had too much imagination… Till the light appeared again, but this time, there were 2 lights. I was not wrong. I immediately took my Canon 700D with a 50mm F/1.8 lens, and started recording. I waited for about 30 to 35 seconds before they appeared again. This time, a total of 5 noticeable lights were appearing simultaneously near the moon.

After that, nothing happened for 2 minutes so I just stopped recording. Though, one or two last lights appeared some time later, but I didn’t record them.

I can’t really explain this. The only possibility for me is that these lights are in space, near the moon. Who knows, they’re maybe planet sized. But god, the amount light they produced was amazing.

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