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UFO sighting In Torquay Front Beach, Victoria, Australia – 4th Jan 2013


I spotted this very large and bright object flying overhead very high in the sky, I caught this clip on my iphone just as it was passing the star Sirius which I have tried to use as a reference in the video, the object was travelling directly North to South & I am facing east this was heading out over Bass Straight, there was NO flashing lights at all and it appeared as a large triangle with 3 consistant light sources although you can’t really see that in this video.

I first spotted this flying technically above Orion’s Belt (being that Rigel is Orion’s foot) by the time I got the video going it was just passing Sirius heading directly south, which appeared to moving down in the sky, seriously I have never seen anything quite this big & I watch the sky.

I have also checked flight paths and nothing fly’s directly over Torquay, unless they were heading to Antartica which is where it looked like it was going?!

Further… I did ask the Pleiadians to make an appearance so I could record it on my new iphone 5 (as a test) only minutes before this appeared…YES I’m that crazy and yes this is what I filmed.

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