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Triangle UFO Filmed Over St. Louis, Missouri – 2011


MUFON report: Me and my girlfriend were about 28 miles out of St. Louis on our way downtown. A couple miles after we got on I44 East we noticed some strange lights in the sky and at first I thought they were helicopters until we got closer and I told my GF to grab her phone and start filming. we noticed that there were about 10 to 12 craft hovering near the intersection of I44 and I270, around Fenton/Sunset Hills MO. They were coming straight up over the trees/horizon line from the south then started moving north north/west. There were three lights in the front, they were a white/yellow/red color, they formed a triangle and seemed to pause in the sky. another light from behind moved faster and caught up to the triangle and seemed to merge with the light at the top of the triangle. These lights then took off north and I focused on the rest that were still there. The next three to follow were in a straight line yet the closer we got to being directly below them they were in a slight triangle. The three behind that also changed orientation from a straight line to triangle like patterns, the only light that changed orientation was the center one and the two on the outside stayed parallel to the horizon as they slowly moved north north/west. After I noticed these I focused on some that seemed to be coming up over a hill close by and following a similar path. I then drove directly below them and was observing them in my mirrors. My GF turned around in her seat to continue watching as they took off into the sky at a slight angle. We were able to capture some of the phenomenon on film yet it was shaky. During this sighting we were cussing trying to figure out what these lights possibly could be. This gave us the chills and was a lot to take in.

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