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UFO Sighting over Nanjing, China on August 17, 2006


UFO appeared in Nanjing,China in 17:23(GMT+8:00) AUG 17,2006.

A young Asian woman, walking out onto her patio, spotted the UFO. In the beginning of the short video clip, you can clearly see the apartments, which must be at least 12 to 20 floors high. A young woman begins to panic, calling to a man to come and see what she is seeing. The woman sounds extremely worried and concerned in her tone of voice when speaking to the man about the flying object. The male voice clearly sounds a bit excited upon seeing the UFO. The UFO has no sound in the video so we can assume it is relatively silent, both on hovering and when it suddenly accelerates at incredible speeds from a standing position.

The video footage that the young woman took only takes thirty seconds of video before the gray saucer suddenly powers up. Seven small glowing white lights suddenly turn on. The lights don\’t only turn on, but if you look frame-by-frame in slow motion, you will see that the lights grow in intensity, with a fuzzy waviness\’ appearing to grow on the left side of the ship. This waviness\’ grows as the seven small lights suddenly burst so brightly that the gray UFO turns into a white cloudlike image and disappears moving at incomprehensible speeds to its left.

The woman and the man in the video are speaking Chinese and the interpretation is as follows.

Woman: \”Look, look, what is it? What is it in the sky?
Man: \”Over where?\”
Woman: \”Over there! Over there! What can it be?\”
Man: \”Hm.\”
Woman: \”Over there? Is that a UFO?\”

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