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UFO Sighting Filmed Over Yosemite Park near Area 51 – 2002


I went on a trip to Yosemite Park in 2002. Yosemite Park is very close to the border between California and Nevada, and close to Area 51. In the evening, on my way out of the park, I was driving down a winding road, when I saw a small ball of light high up in the sky, with a large halo of light surrounding it, and a long twirled trail behind it. I video taped it for a few seconds, and then I grabbed my camera to take some photos as well, in case the video camera didn\’t capture it well enough. Unfortunately it was too dark for the photo camera, so the pictures didn\’t come out. All I have is the video I took before and after I took the photos.

The ball of light with the huge halo moved across the sky, leaving a trail. After about 2 minutes the ball of light disappeared, and only the trail remained. The trail was illuminated and still brightly visible even when the surrounding sky was already pitch black.

A few minutes later several Air Force jets appeared and circled in the sky where the light had disappeared.

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